Training Set to Start as the Countdown Begins!

After a long winter stuck indoors, we can at last venture out onto the cricket field once again. Pre-season training starts on Wednesday from 5PM and with the weather set fair, we look good to go before winter comes back at the weekend.

Well done to everyone who has helped with external groundwork as we look to be ready in time; it has been a sterling effort all round. The clubhouse won’t be open on Wednesday but with a few helping hands, we should have it ready for post training beers (and soft drinks of course) on the 14th of April.

Up She Goes: The scoreboard going up for season 2021 

We have a few new members and returning ones (Kalum is coming home) so please do what we do best, and make sure these guys settle in comfortably and decide that the home of the Mighty Oaks is where they want to play cricket.

With regards to membership, well done to those who having bit pumping money into the coffers in recent days. Membership and subs money is all going back into the facilities and the extensive structural works that will be starting the week after the season finishes. Please ensure your membership fees are paid by 30th April at the latest.

All the matches are now up and ready on the fixtures page and as far as we know, we are all ready to host league cricket again. With the First XI embarking on a season in the highest league we have played in, there is a lot to look forward to; it should be a fun experience and if we train well and stick together, we will be okay.

So, we go again folks, I am really looking forward to seeing everyone…let’s make it an enjoyable season for all!