Whitchurch Away – Report By Michael Wood (God help Us!)

Bown’s oaks went to Whitchurch in what was a marvellous afternoon. Bowling first the oaks decided to give everyone two overs each. This was a nice touch however when savage who  is 6 games away from playing 1000 games for the oaks come in to bowl.

Now I love a bit of banter but these two overs were absolutely terrible. One full toss went for 6 which and nearly caused a 10 car pile up on the A34 (a road which runs behind the ground) it was shocking and I’m actually considering writing a letter of complaint to the club to alow this to happen. Anyway.

Fawed was the pick of the bowlers who was unplayable at times. Noah and Foxy also bowled and looked very handy. If they bowl like that for the 3s they will get plenty of wickets. Woody bowled some magnificent stuff and was harshly taken of after two overs, the new skipper still has a lot to learn. Phil Chippy bowled well took the catch of the day, a diving one handed grab. Foxy also took 3 catches and skipper also took a good slip catch.

Chasing 136 Oakley opened up with Tall Jeff and Foxy (who supports Bournemouth and who are going down) started very well. Smashing the ball all over the place. Tall Jeff was timing the ball superbly and hit some lovely 6s. After a good knock Foxy went and was replaced by Fawed who also started seeing it like a beach ball he was whacking it all over the gaff. Oakley were on course to a famous victory and there was nothing Whitchurch could do about it.

port From Whitchurch By Michael WoodHowever tall Jeff got out after a good knock “claps” which meant Essex boy Ollie went in and got out leaving it to woody. Now I don’t like making excuses but when I (woody) went into to back we needed 4 an over. My self and fawed where getting singles and it was never in doubt. During the 16th over my self and fawed we’re chatting about how we’re going to celebrate the win until Oakley’s scorers decided to changed the overs. Suddenly there wasn’t 4 overs left there was infect 2, we didn’t get the runs required in the end but it was great to be back, Whitchurch were a great host and every one had a lovely day. Even Dan Beckell got a nice sun tan.

MOTM: Fawed