All Stars With Ross Hunter


Attention all parents! Get ready to ignite your child’s love for cricket with the All Stars Cricket program at Oakley, coming back stronger than ever in 2024. Led by Oakley’s very own Ross Hunter, a former Hampshire player, this is the perfect opportunity for your little ones aged 5 to 8 to discover the magic of cricket.

Imagine your child taking their first swing of the bat, feeling the rush of excitement as they run between the wickets, and making lifelong friends on the field. All Stars Cricket offers a safe and inclusive environment where kids can learn, grow, and have a blast while discovering the joys of cricket.

Ready to sign up? It’s as easy as clicking the link below and entering your postcode or Oakley CC’s postcode (RG23 7EA). Join us in unleashing your child’s cricketing potential and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s make this summer one to remember!