Wednesday Preview-Oaks Set For Folkestone Clash

The Oakley eclectics are all set for their first game of the 2023 Tour. Arriving in Canterbury the Oaks were greeted by blues skies, sunshine and more pubs than you could count if you tried. The luxurious accommodation organised by tour manager, Alex Brundle, has left The Oaks with no excuses to fail.

The team that represents The Oaks is remarkable in that it features at least one player born in every decade between the 1940s and the millennium. The youngest of the bunch being club Secretary, Dan Jones, whilst president Gordon Scott, coming in at a cool 75, is the eldest.

And the finger goes up…that’s out! Nigel Bishop is ready!

To predict the outcome is like predicting what the weather will be like on the second Tuesday of next February. The Oaks are nursing injuries, with Bob (knee) Scotty (knees, back, neck, prostate) Paul (knee) and Billy Turner (projectile vomiting) all having to nurse that way through late fitness tests in the Indian restaurant.

The Oaks will also be relying on the late arrival of Dan Sumner and George Lethaby to bolster the team numbers up to 10. If they do make it, there is every chance The Oaks can put on a performance to make the good folk of our village beam with local pride.

Team: D Sumner, P Sumner, A Brundle, B Lethaby, B Turner, N Bishop, G Scott, G Lethaby, B Compton-Bearne, D Jones (order dependent on health).