Oaks Outlaws all Set for Rose Bowl Showdown!

Nearly a month after my final preview of the season, here I sit, doing my final preview of the season. That’s right folks, the mighty Oakley CC are heading to The Rose Bowl for the Final’s Day in The Hampshire Slam. 

Bringing it Home

The question on nearly everyone’s lips, is this. Can The Oaks bring The Slam trophy back home? The answer is this. Of course, they ruddy well can! Ok, there is good chance these lads are underdogs, underpuppies even, but they are not going to the Rose Bowl to get their tummies tickled. Like the famous white colours of Oakley CC, these guys do not run. That’s why they are called The Oakley Outlaws.  

Standing in the way are Hythe & Dibden Hornets, who will certainly be looking to sting the Oaks in the the semi-final. It is assumed that H&D will be made up of second-string players who finished at the bottom end of County 4 South. This would make The Outlaws favourites, considering they finished 3rd in County 3. But by Christ, this tournament can throw up some batshit crazy results. 

Red Hot Chilly Favourites

On the other side of the draw, boiling hot, mustard, scotch bonnet chillies, favourites, Kerala Strikers, will certainly be looking to strike some hefty blows on MStars. It had been hoped that Kerala got their name because their players stand up for fair play in the public sector. However, it has been confirmed this is not the case. They are called the ‘Strikers’ because they strike the ball ruddy hard. 

So, it promises to be a nerve-jangling day. The Oaks will be shitting themselves, that’s for sure. However, in the true spirit of Outlaws, they can turn that shit into bricks of positive energy. If they can do that, the married Outlaws will have a great story to tell their in-laws! (I hope you saw what I did there, as it was quite brilliant).

Come and Watch It’s Free!

Please come and support this crazy and eclectic bunch of Outlaws. A victory will generate scenes of joy not seen in Oakley since the One Stop decided to open on Boxing Day morning. Will it be a flying catch by Deano, making an imaginary Nasser Hussain cry “YOU CAN NOT DO THAT DEANO JAMES!”. Or will it be a thumping six by Nick Green on the last ball of the final over that has The Oaks players wondering if winning was really worth it?  

Who knows whether the tears flowing in the Brewdog bar will be of joy or despair? No one, that’s who. Only fate and destiny can decide the outcome of this one…sort of.

Whatever the case, remember this and remember it good.


Outlaws Team: Daniel Jones, William Cheyney, Michael Wood, Joshua Carpenter, Ianesta Bennett, Alexander Brundle, Nicholas Green, Jeffery Triner, Patrick Saines, Harold Tucknott, Deanton James

10-15 – 11-30 

Keral Strikers v MStars (1st Innings) 

11:30 – 12:45 

Oakley Outlaws v Hythe & Dibden Hornets (1st Innings) 

12:45 – 14:00

Kerala Strikers v MStars (2nd innings) 

14:00 – 15:15

Oakley Outlaws v Hythe & Dibden Hornets (2nd Innings) 

15:45 – THE FINAL