Groundwork and Match Updates

Okay folks, things are hotting up now as we try to be ready for some cricket at Oakley Park this summer. Much has been going on with work on the pitch and somewhat heroically, Jennifer and I cleared the clubhouse yesterday (I will leave decisions on club statues down to the committee).

Now is the time for everyone to lend a hand in getting the rest prepared for games this weekend and for the rest of the season. Here are some key areas that need completing.

The Scoreboard needs to go up

The covers need to go on

Rabbit holes need filling 

Fence damaged by sight screens needs repair   

The changing areas need clearing

We are meeting at the club tomorrow (7th July) at 6:00 PM so please be there if you can.


With regards to fees and membership, please pay membership if you wish to, but if you feel you have been too badly affected by furlough or employment under threat, we are happy to waiver it this year. You may feel you wish to pay half (£35:00) to assist the club. I will leave this down to the good faith of each individual to decide their own position. 

Match fees will continue at £10 for adults and £5:00 for Colts and Students. Obviously, we won’t be having teas but we have lost revenue that is reinvested in the ground and we have to claw something back. I can assure all members that any money coming into the club is invested directly back into it. I am sure you have noticed the year on year improvements at Oakley Park.  


We are hoping for a full allocation of matches this weekend with 3 games on Saturday and a friendly at Oakley Park on Sunday. We are working on these fixtures now but we do know the First XI are entertaining Hook at Oakley Park on Saturday whilst Dan Beckell and Steve Bown are organising games for the Second XI and Third teams.

Alex Brundle is our man with the text phone once again, so I am sure you will be getting buzzed soon if you haven’t been already. 

Hope to see some of you tomorrow.