Barnes and Bowers Return as Oaks Win Again!

Report by Two’s correspondent, Deano James

On an overcast day in Holybourne. Oakley lost the toss and were put into bat. Opening the batting for Oakley was Jeff T and Savage. Oakley started off solidly before Savage got out to a ball that hit the deck and came back in 12inch he had now chance.

In came Nelly Warner. Now Nelly and Jeff T put a great partnership on before Jeff was bowled for a very decent 39. Out came the Skipper Jack to rebuild another decent partnership until Nelly was caught for 36. However, I’m blaming Jeff King for his wicket as two balls before Jeff was saying that Nelly looked on for a big score.

Outcome Nigel to partner Jack.  Nigel got his himself 10 runs before he was bowled. Then Fawad came out and came back in not to long later with just one to his name. But him getting out left the way for the returning Dave Bowers.

Now there was no way this guy wanted to get out to all his old teammates. We quickly lost Kalun for 1 and Barnes for a Duck. Jeff King the 5-wicket hero for last week came to the crease. Jeff and Bowers steady the ship after losing a few quick wickets and looking like we wouldn’t even get to 150.

Bowers finished the game 17 not out but not after he decided to run Jeff King out on the last ball for 16.

Then it was Oakley’s turn to bowl. We opened with Fawad and Last week’s hero Jeff (the 5 wicket) King.  Fawad took the first wicket after a great catch from Nigel. Jeff bowling brilliant from the other end but couldn’t get a breakthrough.

Fawad after 5 overs got taken off and on came the returning Tom Barnes. Now when someone hasn’t bowled in a long time you expect the first over to be a bit ropey. But not from Barnes. He was on it from ball one.

The boy Barnesy took 4/12 off 8 overs. He also took a catch that at one point looked like he was going to spill it after catching it.

Also coming on the other end was the returning Bowers. I do believe I could hear the fans booing him as he stepped up to bowl. (Not really, they love him there) Bowers bowled well but you could see he was getting frustrated. The guy he was trying so hard to get out was that of the guy he was once best man for. However, Bowers did get another one of their batsmen out and went on to Kiss the Oakley badge.

Oakley need to find someone to bowl just one over. Deano was warming up from ball one, but the Skipper decided to put himself on instead. He went for 9 In his only over.

Also, Kalum came on. He bowled well only getting knocked for 10 off 5 overs. With that kinda bowling won’t be long before Sri Lanka are on the phone to him to give him a call up.

With Holybourne not really threating the score board. Fawad and Jeff came back on. Jeff took two wickets in two balls one was a great stumping from Savage. Jeff finished with Figures of 2/15 and Fawad 3/22.

With Oakley clearily on top Deano was already come on and bowl some of his pace balls. However we bowled them out before he got his chance.

I must take this opportunity to mention some of the catches with Nigel fielded well. Having Taken a catch already he had two other opportunities for catches that he dives for, but they just fell short. Fawad took two catches one that was down his throat, and the other was a great diving catch.

A massive mentioned Must go to Mike. They guy only joined Oakley this season, but he has settled in well. He’s unfortunately been out injured. Massive miss for is all. However he has attended the last 3 games to support the 2s this week he had literally just got back from Hastings and shot straight down to Holybourne to watch us play. Then he managed to convince his Mrs to let him watch the football at the club.

Was great to be able to go back to the club to celebrate another win and celebrate England winning.

So that’s two wins on the spin of the 2s. Let’s hope we can make it 3 out of 3 next weekend. Jack has the 2s with a great attitude and momentum now so let’s hope that can continue.

Up the oaks