Woody Uncut – Report From the Waverly Sunday Friendly!

The following report comes from Michael Wood. It is the raw, uncut version and it is Woody at his best.



Oakley Sunday team played in a very entertaining game against the a good Waverly side.

Oakley bowled first and it was not the start that they would of hoped. Will opened up and although bowling okay Woody was wicket keeping, due to him having a broken ankle and bad hands a lot of mistakes were made. waverly were smashing the openers all over the place, Tom Barnes bowled 1 over before being politely asked to have a blow as he was out of sorts. Also at this point woody decided he didn’t want to wicket keep as his hands where hurting. So hero Ian took over.


Waverly continued to score freely so Oakley had to bring on summer to slow it down, which he did and he got a few wickets. George also bowled and overall was ok but a few wides were thrown in for good measure. Then something happened that was a masterclass. Ian brought on woody who was simply fanatic and with figures James Anderson would be proud off 1-13. For some reason Ian took woody off and with dj getting smashed all over Oakley park Waverly reached a good score of 243. A few other bowlers bowled but I can’t remember who, so obviously didn’t do much.

Oakley and Waverly then went to the club house to have tea however there was a big problem. There was no tea due to a mix up, after waiting around for about 30 minutes the teas arrived and everyone was happy.

Unfortunately tea was ruined for me (Woody) as I was stuck next to Will who didn’t stop banging on about his new tractor.

Alex and Perry started of the batting and perry was looking good until he got him self out. Alex who is the ugliest batman that I have ever seen managed to slog his way to the 40s before he was out. Dan Jones was now in who has created little cider belly, showed everyone how to bat with some lovely shots. Ben coulter went in and had a little knock around before getting out, Woody was next in, Who now had a broken ankle and finger started to up the run rate with a huge 6 that nearly went into kempshott. DJ got his way to 70 odd before getting out but it was a lovely knock. Fair play son fair play!

Tom Barnes come in and hit three 4 on the trot before being bowled.

Woody was then out for a superb 24, but should of done better really. The best looking farmer was then in and smashed it all over the gaff before getting out. Ian come in and was actually more worried about how many 6s he could get than winning the game and was out very quickly. George and sumner where in to see us home, however George was absolutely pony and should of been out 5 times. We got there in the end and it was a enjoyable game.

Ian skippered the game well with everyone doing something. I like Ian he’s a nice lad

DJ man of the match.

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