Woman’s Cricket Taster Day Coming to Oakley this Sunday

After our recent open evening, the next phase of starting woman’s cricket at Oakley Park comes this Sunday at 2:00 PM (arrive 1:30). This is set to be a taster day hosted by the club where the ladies can have a crack at hard and soft ball cricket.

This event will be run by Ian Simpson along with Will Rabley and a few other helpers. The idea is to try out some batting, bowling and fielding drills and generally having a bit of fun.

We will then have a drink and a bit of a chat with the ladies who have been doing some co-ordinating with the Hants Cricket Board to see where we are. It may be a little bit trial and error to start with but the plan is to start to get ourselves prepared for season 2024.

On the basis this session is a success, we will add further outdoor dates in September if we get the weather needed to be out and about. Remember, everyone is welcome regardless of experience and ability, so we look forward to see as many of you as possible on Sunday.

On we travel…