DJ 50 Keeps Quintuple Hopes Alive

Report by our Slam Correspondent, Micky Wood

The Oaks started  the Hampshire Slam with a solid win on a sunny evening down at Oakley Park, known as the Theatre of Scenes.

Bowling first Josh Carpenter and Harry Tucknott started with some good tight bowling, both getting a wicket. It was then Kalum Sappumanage and Alex Brundle’s turn to have a go, with both doing a decent enough job, getting wickets and reducing the run rate. Mike De Vos finished the bowling off for The Oaks with a few wickets and doing well while the batman were trying to push on.

115 was the target for The Oaks to win the game.

The Chase

Opening up Will and DJ started like a house on fire. Unbelievable stuff, Jeff. Will went early(ish) but DJ carried on smashing the ball all over the gaff. Pick of the shots was a cover drive for 6. People would pay good money to see that, I say good money, I mean about a fiver.

Jack Brundle also batted well even though he didn’t bring his thigh pad. It was touch and go whether he’d be able to bat without one but some one had a spare and Oakley were saved. It was a good partnership with DJ getting a 50 and Thigh pad getting a confidence boosting  32.

Then, In came Woody to do the hardest thing and that is to get the winning runs. It didn’t take long for him to get his eye in with a 6 and then 4 to see The Oaks home and keep the quintuple dream alive, at least until Saturday.

Up the Oaks,